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currently focused on creating a new communication platform, mirage world, with ryan staake.


mirage world 1.0

mirage worlds 2017


goji location-based keyboard


the last guide company 2014


goji location-based keyboard

the last guide company 2014



diy 2013


iphone turn-by-turn navigation interface

apple 2012


iphone maps grid interface

apple 2012


iphone maps 3d buildings interface

apple 2012


iphone maps multi-touch interaction

pinch, pan, rotate, and tilt gestures

apple 2012


iphone maps gyroscope interaction

new in ios 11 – early prototype video

apple 2012


flyover interface

created initial prototypes for sj review

apple 2011


iphone gyroscope and "blocks" keynote demo

apple 2010


iphone geocoder

apple 2009


iphone compass with true north

apple 2009


iphone location services

apple 2008


patrick piemonte of san francisco, california